How to get started in hockey at the Winter Club

Little Polar Bears 

·     Little Polar Bears includes programing for Learn to Skate (LTS) and Learn to Play Hockey (LTPH)

·      Learn to Skate involves two classes before moving on to Learn to Play Hockey

·      WC Hockey oversees the Little Polar Bear program and develops players into the Winter Club Hockey program.

·      The Little Polar Bear program has 4 sessions throughout the calendar year

Session 1: Sundays at LF College, one time per week. September and October

Session 2: The first half of the rinks season at the Winter Club and is two times per week

Session 3: The second half of the rinks season at the Winter Club and is two times per week

Session 4: Sundays at LF College, one time per week. April and May

The general guidelines set by Winter Club Hockey in order to move on to the Learn to Play Hockey program the skater must be able to do: 

·      Two-Foot Glide 

·      Right and Left One-Foot Glides 

·      Forward Swizzles 

·      Backward Wiggles 

·      Backward Swizzles 

·      Forward Crossovers In Both the Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise Directions 

·      One Foot Snowplow Stop 

·      Backward Crossovers in Both the Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise Directions Right and Left T-Stops  

About the Program

·      Learn to skate and learn to play hockey are the first steps in a child’s involvement into youth hockey. 

·      All ages welcome 

·      The learn to skate (Little Polar Bears-LPB) are one practice a week (45 minutes each) for session 1 and two practices per week (45 minutes each) for session 2 and 3, new sessions start once the previous session concludes.  Session 4 is technically Spring Hockey and takes place at LF College once per week on Sunday mornings.

·      The Learn to Play (LTPH) are one practices per week (45 minutes each) in session 1, and one practice per week (45 minutes each) and one intra-squad game a week in session 2 and 3.  

·      Players will begin in a learn to skate class in which all participants are learning the basics of skating; balance, edges, and form are key elements of instruction. There are no pucks, sticks, or hockey in the learn to skate class. Participants will need a helmet and skates. 

·      After each session players are evaluated and discussions with parents in regard to development will occur. Once a collaborative decision is made between the participant, parents, and coaching staff the player will ether remain in LTS for another session or be moved into the learn to play hockey program. (Little Polar Bears-LPB) 

·      Players will only be allowed to move on from learn to skate to the learn to play after the conclusion of a session and at the coach's discretion.  

·      LTS and LTPH are instructed by Steve Sarauer, Hockey Director and Jimmy Warrick, Assistant Hockey Director.  

Equipment Needed for Learn to Skate 

·      Skates 

·      Helmet 

Equipment Needed for Learn to play hockey (Little Polar Bears) 

·      Skates 

·      Hockey Helmet 

·      Gloves  

·      Knee pads 

·      Elbow Pads  

·      Hockey Pants 

·      Hockey Stick  

·      Cup 

·      Socks and Jerseys will be provided 


·      Director Jimmy Warrick, 773-458-4864 

·      Hockey Director Steve Sarauer, 773-750-4181


What if my child gets asked to stay in the Learn to Skate program again? 

This is common, every player has their own path. This will give your child the best opportunity to develop and gain confidence along the way instead of being overwhelmed. There is no such thing as too much development.  


If my child is too old for the Little Polar Bears Hockey Program how will the Learn to Skate program help? 

In this situation we would ask the child to do all three sessions so that we can prepare him/her to be ready for next season and the ability to join the squirt, peewee, or bantam program depending on their age.  

What is the goal of this program? 

The goal from the coaches is that each player develops and gains the proper skating skills in order to move on to the Little Polar Bears Hockey program. From there we want players to begin their journey into the Mite program and playing full ice games! 



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