Our Mission

To create an unrivaled youth hockey experience for the entire family.  

Our Objectives

  • To create an environment where our children can excel at hockey through professional coaching, substantial ice time, and competitive league and tournament play. 
  • To provide the opportunity for our children to enjoy exceptional access to open ice, opportunities to play and grow with their friends and family, and flexibility to participate in other competitive sports.

Our Outcomes

For those players that stay with us through Bantam, they will be fully prepared for competitive High School hockey.  A significant proportion of the Lake Forest High School teams come from the WC Hockey Program, many of whom are also multisport high school athletes.


Other select players will graduate to top end programs such as Central States and AAA earlier in their journey – something we have a strong track record of developing and supporting.  Many of our players have graduated to top elite programs such as Team Illinois, Mission, CYA, and LFA Prep.


Our mission also supports a larger Winter Club objective to keep kids playing with their friends from the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff community right through to High School.  This differs significantly from clubs that recruit across the city and state, leading to different teammates from different communities every year.

Our Methods

To be successful, we understand it is imperative to have a highly engaged hockey staff and rinks committee. We also believe the quality and consistency of our coaching is paramount to our success, which is why we employ professional, certified coaches for every team. 

Did You Know?

  • For the prior season, more than half of the Lake Forest High School team was comprised of WC players
  • The WC employs certified, professional coaches for every team to ensure a positive learning environment
  • All volunteer parent coaches that assist with practices, have strong hockey backgrounds and are certified by USA Hockey
  • WC players are on the ice an average of 5x per week during the main season (mid November to end of February) providing more ice time than any similar program on the North Shore. 
  • Last season, WC teams averaged 65 practices and 40 games over the fall/winter season.
  • The WC works hard to keep teams together as they grow, allowing kids to play with friends from the local community and form strong team bonds (versus recruiting across Illinois)
  • WC provides certified goalie coaches for nearly all practices and free weekly goalie clinics
  • We have a strong track record of developing and supporting players that show promise for other top tier programs such as AAA and Central States
  • WC does not schedule over Christmas/Winter Break, President’s Day weekend, or Spring Break, providing opportunity for family vacation and other activities
  • As a parent, there are fewer things more enjoyable than watching your child’s team play outside at WC on a beautiful Friday or Saturday evening. We increased scheduling opportunities for these games last season and will continue to do so for the 2021-22 season.
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