2021-2022 Winter Club Skills Competition

WC Skills Competition

Five Events:

Accuracy shooting: 10 shots, most targets (Mites 6 shots)

Hardest Shot: 3 attempts

Stick handling and Agility: Timed course, missed breakaway adds one second to overall time

Fastest Skater: One timed lap

Goalie Breakaway Challenge (Squirts-Peewees)

Hardest Shot Mite Green

Emma Tennet- 27 MPH

Hardest Shot Mite White

JP Kloecker- 36 MPH

Shooting Accuracy Mite Green

Russ McNicholas- 3 targets in 4 shots

Shooting Accuracy Mite White

Robbie Tagliaferro- 3 targets in 4 shots

Fastest Skater Mite Green

Ian Ratay- 22.7s

Fastest Skater Mite White

Mabel Oakford- 19.43s

Agility & Puck Control Mite Green

Eli Adamany- 19.0s

Agility & Puck Control Mite White

Patrick Maguire- 18.17s

Squirt Hardest Shot

Joe Maffioli- 47 MPH

Squirt Shooting Accuracy

John Petrillo- 4 Targets

Squirt Fastest Skater

Wyatt Armour- 16.99s

Squirt Agility & Puck Control

Connor Egan- 13.8s

Squirt Goalie Challenge

Sean Kloecker- 12 saves on 17 shots

Peewee Hardest Shot

Bobby Rolek- 62 MPH

Peewee Fastest Skater

Jack Berrill- 17.29s

Peewee Agility & Puck Control

Hutch Masterson- 11.6s

Peewee Goalie Challenge

PJ O'Neil- 1 Goal Against

Bantam Hardest Shot

Jack Rancourt- 66 MPH

Bantam Shooting Accuracy

Carter Savage- 4 Targets

Bantam Fastest Skater

Luke Pasquesi- 17.1s

Bantam Agility & Puck Control

Aidan Carruthers- 16.49s

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