Outdoor Rink Information

The Winter Club Hockey organization plays on an outdoor rink with is located at the Winter Club of Lake Forest. (956 Sheridan Road, Lake Forest IL 60045)

Due to the fact the rink is an outdoor rink, weather conditions continuously play a factor in the outdoor ice.  The ice at the WC is refrigerated like any indoor rink and can maintain ice up to 45 degrees and sunny.  Each weather condition is a variable in wether the ice will be available for use.  For example: temperature, wind, snow, rain, sunny or overcast conditions; each plays a role in ice availability.

On the other end of the spectrum, the cold temperatures also play a role.  The cold temperatures will not affect the rinks, however it will affect the players.  We will play games and have practices until the temperature drops below 5 degrees.  If you're a visiting team attending the Winter Club for a game please let your teams know to dress players appropriately.

In any condition, you do not need to reach out to the WC Hockey program to ask if a game is still on.  We have all the managers contact information from all visiting teams and we will contact managers if a game needs to be cancelled or is moved to another location.  If you do not hear from the WC Hockey Directors or a WC Team Manager, your game is still on.