Squirt White Season Recap

Our Squirt White team was another team that joined NIHL for the first time this season. A big jump for many of the players but the work ethic of this team was unmatched and it showed all season long. The teams first big challenge was in Detroit in the cold fusion tournament the team lost a game by a large margin to a team they would see the next day in the championship. The team used the earlier loss as motivation to make a statement and win the tournament. This would continue into the NIHL Playoffs after being swept by the Peoria Rivermen in the season a first round playoff matchup saw the team step up to the plate and win the game with a score of 7-2. This team finished 4th place in their first season in NIHL after making it to the consolation game in playoffs. Led by coaches, Jimmy Warrick, John Naanep, and Nick Clark, it was a truly incredible year for our Squirt White team!