2022-2023 Skills Competition

WC Skills Competition

Five Events:

Accuracy shooting: 10 shots, most targets (Squirts-Bantams)

Hardest Shot: 3 attempts

Stick handling and Agility: Timed course, missed breakaway adds one second to overall time

Fastest Skater: One timed lap

Goalie Breakaway Challenge (Squirts-Bantams)

Hardest Shot

Mite Green: Teddy Perry (38 MPH)

Mite Black: Ziggy Floriani (43 MPH)

Mite White: Paul Svigos-Wise (45 MPH)

Squirts: Freddy Masterson (50 MPH)

Peewees: William Basedow (68 MPH)

Bantams: Bobby Rolek (72 MPH)

Fastest Skater

Mite Green: Dylan Santi (24.6s)

Mite Black: Paulie Dillon (23.5s)

Mite White: Peter McNicholas (20.1s)

Squirts: JP Kloecker (18.1s)

Peewees: Dean Huffman (17.18s)

Bantams: Charlie Chiuve Vinci (16.97)

Fastest Goalie

Squirts: Alex Metz (25.3s)

Peewees: Granty Rice (23.0s)

Bantams: Patrick O'Neil (23.4s)

Stick Handling & Agility

Mite Green: Izaak Schleede (1:05s)

Mite Black: Rory Wells (1:18s)

Mite White: Russell McNicholas (57.1s)

Squirts: Mabel Oakford (32.0s)

Peewees: Tripp Oakford (29.0s)

Bantams: Carter Savage (28.9s)

Shooting Accuracy

Squirts: Wes Curcio (4 Targets)

Peewees: Drew Janos (3 Targets)

Bantams: Bobby Rolek (5 Targets)

Goalie Breakaway Challenge

Squirts: Eli Adamany (9 Saves)

Peewees: Sean Kloecker (11 Saves)

Bantams: Will Romo (15 Saves)

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